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Informedia's ARDA AQUAINT Research Efforts

Sponsored by the Advanced Research Development Agency (ARDA) AQUAINT Program. This program seeks innovative, creative, high-risk, high-payoff research to achieve significant advancements in technologies and methods for advanced question answering against large heterogeneous collections of structured and unstructured information of multiple media and genre types (including structured and unstructured text, speech, document images, other multi- media) in English and multiple foreign languages, as well as video, images, geospatial, and abstract data.
Question Answering from Errorful Multimedia Streams
From July 2002 -December 2003 Informedia was funded by ARDA under AQUAINT Phase I for this effort. The goal of the project was the development of a system that provides analysts with answers from multi-media data streams, based on errorfully extracted information.
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Informedia Contexture: Analyzing and Synthesizing Video and Verbal Context for Intelligence Analysis Dialogues
This project funded under ARDA AQUAINT Phase II is contracted for the period April 2004 through March 2006. This project will develop tools and techniques to automatically process and extract evidence from multimedia source content to understand questions, find answers, and to organize and present the answers as contextures supporting the analysts' activities. Contexture, for the purposes of this research, is the weaving or assembling of multimedia parts into a coherent whole in order to provide a more complete "picture" or information structure to both questions and answers.
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