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Informedia Collaborations in the US and Abroad

International collaborations in Europe, China and within the United States has produced multilingual, multicultural and cross-lingual version of the Informedia system.

The ECHO project - A collaborate effort with the European Union to develop a long-term reusable software infrastructure providing Web-based access to a European historical film collection, and set up and run an ECHO (European Chronicles Online) digital library service.

East-West Collaboration - A collaborative effort with the Chinese University of Hong Kong to build a Chinese digital video library with Informedia functionality, and to develop estensions to wireless handheld media and devices.

The HistoryMakers Project - A U.S. collaborative effort with The HistoryMakers of Chicago to develop a full-content and knowledge-based archival search and retrieval system that will allow the display of digital video, audio, and text libraries to occur over local and wide-area networks.

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